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EBBI offers a Diploma of Bible & Ministry. The emphasis of this major is a thorough and systematic study of the Word of God with a view to practical application in personal and ministry contexts. The program sharpens student s ability to understand the Bible, their ability to communicate in written and spoken ways, and their passion to serve. These pages offer a detailed look at course content and scheduling.

Administration and Faculty

Academic Calendar

EBBI has designed a calendar to help you plan your academic schedule .


Download the most recent catalogue in PDF format.

Course Descriptions

EBBI has divided courses into four disciplines: Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Practical departments.

Daily Class Schedule

Classes are normally held Monday through Friday from 8am to noon as indicated on the following schedule.

Grading System

Students are normally given a letter or number grade on all homework, and a final GPA, or Grade Point Average, at the end of the semester. The following chart shows how to compare letter, number or GPA marks.

Library & Internet

The EBBI library contains about 8,000 volumes. Student access to the library is in accord with the following guidelines.

List of Classes

The current school catalogue is available in Word or PDF format. Many of the pages in this website are duplicated or expanded in the list of classes.