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Entrance Requirements   arrow

EBBI logoA. Requirements for all students, whether part-time or full-time:

  1. Only those students who give evidence of salvation through personal testimony, baptism, and transformed life may enrol. The scriptural guideline for godly training is to prepare faithful men and women, those who already manifest a desire to be honest, obedient, and willing to serve the Lord by serving others.
  2. Each applicant must secure the recommendation of their pastor. We encourage each prospective student to be faithful in their local church and consistent in testimony and service.
  3. Each person must fill out an application form, and be responsible to have references and transcripts sent to EBBI.
  4. Each person must pay the $40 application fee for new students.
  5. Each student must affirm the Statement of Faith and sign a Statement of Conduct at the beginning of their schooling with EBBI.

B. Requirements for transfer students

  1. The student must have left the previous institution in good standing. A dismissed or suspended student must submit a letter of explanation. The dean of the institution will be called to see if the student has since dealt with the matter in a biblical way.
  2. A transfer student shall receive full credit for equivalent courses if credits reflect a grade of “C” or above.
  3. Official academic transcripts must be received before a decision will be made on the student’s application.

C. Provisions for special students:

  1. The school reserves the right to admit people as special students who wish to attend classes, but who may not want to enrol in the regular academic program of study.
  2. All special students must fill out an application, and include a written request explaining what they want to do.
  3. Special students include those who attend free of cost because their spouse is a full-time student.

D. Requirements for auditing

  1. Auditing is allowed if both the teacher involved and the administrator approve.
  2. No credit is given for auditing courses, although the student may choose to take tests and do assignments for his or her own learning benefit.
  3. $50 per credit hour is charged for each class that is audited.