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EBBI has divided courses into four disciplines: Bible, Theology, Ministry, and Practical departments.crossman


BI-101, Genesis (3 credits)
A thorough dispensational exposition that includes the historical, theological, and prophetical themes of Genesis. Applications of the principles are related to current life.

BI-143, John (3 credits)
A careful examination of the evangelistic and apologetic nature of this gospel concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ.

BI-144, Acts & Pauline Epistles (4 credits)
A study of the book of Acts beginning the ascension of Christ and tracing the spread of the Gospel throughout the first century Roman Empire. This course will also survey Paul’s Epistles within the setting of his missionary journeys.

BI-145, Romans (2 credits)
An exposition noting man’s condemnation because of sin, justification by faith in Jesus Christ, and the application of faith to everyday living.

BI-146, I Corinthians (2 credits)
A study of Paul’s instructions concerning church division, practical Christian living, the gifts of the Spirit, and the place of Christian love.

BI–148, Galatians (2 credits)
A study of the book of Galatians with an emphasis on the doctrine of justification. Special attention is directed to the relevance of this epistle to today’s world.

BI-158, Hebrews (3 credits)
An in-depth study noting its unity with the Old Testament and its fulfilment in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

BI-159, James (1 credit)
An examination of the message of the book of James as it applies to faith and practice today.

BI-185, Pentateuch (3 credits)
A survey and literary analysis of the first five books of the Old Testament, including their role as foundational to God’s dealings with Israel and the world.

BI-186, Historic Books (2 credits)
A study of the nation of Israel including the entry and conquest of the land, the period of the judges, the kings and divided kingdoms.

BI-187, Poetic Books (3 credits)
A careful examination of the poetic literature of the Old Testament with consideration given to the nature of Hebrew poetry and the wisdom for application in today’s world.

BI-188, Major Prophets (3 credits)
A study of the major prophets as preachers of righteousness, with careful examination of the times, message, prophetic utterances, and application given.

BI-189, Minor Prophets (2 credits)
Attention is given to the date, authorship, historical setting, theme, & implications regarding covenant, Christ and eschatology.

BI-190, Synoptic Gospels (2 credits)
Emphasis is given to the distinctive accounts of the various gospel accounts, the presentation of Christ in each, and the foundations of New Testament doctrine.

BI-192, Pastoral Epistles (3 credits)
A study of the inspired instructions concerning the nature, challenge, responsibilities, qualifications, and message of the pastoral ministry.

BI-194, Epistles of Peter (2 credits)
An analytical study of the content, structure and relationship of the epistles of Peter to the life of the believer.

BI-195, Daniel & Revelation (3 credits)
A textual and thematic study of Daniel and Revelation from a dispensational, premillennial viewpoint in reference to Israel, the Gentile nations, and the church.

BI-201, Old Testament Survey (3 credits)
A general, foundational study of the Old Testament books noting especially the historical structure and doctrinal teachings.

BI-202, New Testament Survey (3 credits)
A survey of the New Testament books with emphasis given to the doctrinal and historical structure of each book while showing the unity, cohesiveness, and purpose of the entire New Testament.

BI–301, Principles of Bible Study (2 credits)
Provides foundational principles for understanding and interpreting the Bible with a literal hermeneutic, and surveys the methods and tools needed for effective Bible study.

BI-501, Life & Times of Christ (3 credits)
A study of the earthly life and ministry of Jesus Christ as harmonized within the Gospels with an emphasis on who Jesus is, what He did, and why it is so important for mankind.

BI-502, Women of the Bible (3 credits)
A study of the life and character of various women in the Bible. The emphasis will be to learn how God uses differing personalities and to draw life principles from their experiences.
(For Women Only)

BI-601, Hermeneutics (2 credits)
Principles for accurately interpreting the Bible in light of its literal, historical, grammatical, and geographical context with particular emphasis on developing skills and understanding.

BI-701, History & Geography of Israel (1 credit)
This course is designed to give the student a general understanding of the history and geography of the Middle East from the Biblical times to the present. In terms of geography, the course will cover place names, topography, climate, roads, cities, & countries of the area. In terms of history, it will cover key periods, dates, & locations.


MI-101, Pastoral Theology & Ministry Ethics (2 credits)
A survey of the pastoral ministry by examining the crucial components of a pastor’s call, personal life, and reflecting on the various responsibilities requiring ethical decision-making within the pastoral function. (For men only)

MI-103, Principles of Church Growth (2 credits)
A course that determines a biblical definition for church growth, while identifying reasons for desiring growth, examining principles for growing a God-honouring church, and encouraging students to use their abilities and gifts to assist their church in its growth development.

MI-105, Music in the Church (1 credit)
A study of the standards in the analysis and evaluation of music for suitability within the church. A survey of hymnody from biblical times to the present, incorporating the music, texts, and writers.

MI-201, Missiology I (2 credits)
A study of the biblical basis for missions and the panoramic history of world missions from the early church until now.

MI-202, Missiology II (2 credits)
A practical study dealing with the call to missions, necessary qualifications, choosing a mission agency, deputation, missionary interrelationships, and challenges.

MI-203, Church Planting (2 credits)
A study of effective methods for starting and developing a church including selecting a JEcommunity, legal and constitutional matters, promotion, evangelism, relations, and buildings with the goal of a national, indigenous fundamental Baptist church.

MI-301, Women’s Ministries (3 credits)
A practical and biblical study on the opportunities, pressures, and situations that challenge a woman’s capabilities; with an emphasis on areas of self and service that are strategic to knowing and doing God’s will. (For women only)

MI-350, Children’s Ministries (2 credits)
A study of various methods for teaching the Bible to children pre-school years through elementary grades. Age-level characteristics, developmentally appropriate methods, and evangelism will be considered.

MI-351, Sunday School (1 credit)
A study of the history, message, methods, materials, procedures and skills necessary in evangelizing and equipping individuals of all ages through the Sunday school.

MI-352, Camp Ministries (1 credit)
A study of the history, philosophy, objectives, organization, and administration of Vacation Bible Schools and Bible Camps.

MI-353, Youth Ministries (2 credits)
A study of strategies, programs, and tools available to assist in the spiritual development of youth to maturity.

MI-401, Homiletics I (3 credits)
A study of the principles, methods, and practice of speech and the importance of preaching since the early church.

MI-402, Homiletics II (3 credits)
The study of the art of developing sermons with an emphasis on issues of clarity and progression of thought, styles, and relevance in communicating divine truth. (For Men Only)

MI-450, Cross Cultural Communication (2 credits)
A study of effective means to communicate the teachings of the Bible in another culture.


PR-101, Study Methods (1 credit)
This course is intended to orient students to this institution, encourage students to develop solid study habits and skills necessary to achieve academic success, and instil the need to develop life-long devotional habits.

PR-105, Conducting Music (1 credit)
A basic study of conducting technique with an emphasis on meter, patterns, and expression.

PR-110, English I (2 credits)
A review of English grammar and writing skills

PR-111, English II (2 credits)
An application of English language skills for the class & beyond.

PR-112, Greek I (2 credits)
An introductory study of the phonology, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.

PR-113, Greek II (2 credits)
A developmental study of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, including translation of selected passages.

PR-114, Greek III (2 credits)
A review of the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the Greek New Testament, including translation of the book of I John.

PR–115, Greek IV (2 credits)
An advanced study of the grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and exegesis of the Greek New Testament. The course will include rapid reading of various genres of the New Testament, and translating the book of Philippians.

PR–116, Greek V (2 credits)
An advanced study of the grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and exegesis of the Greek New Testament. The course will include rapid reading and translating of various genres of the New Testament.

PR-201, Christian Life (3 credits)
A practical study of the principles for victorious Christian living in a complex and sinful world.

PR-202, Biblical Separation (2 credits)
A biblical study examining the doctrine of God’s holiness as the basis for separation from the world, false teachers, and disobedient brethren.

PR-361, Personal Evangelism (2 credits)
A study of basic soul-winning methods with an emphasis on Scripture memorization.

PR-371, Discipleship Methods (2 credits)
A study of the principles, guidelines, methods, and materials used in the discipling of new converts.

PR-401, Baptist History (2 credits)
A study of the various theories regarding the origin and development of Baptist churches in Europe and in North America, with an examination of significant personalities and issues.

PR-402, Baptist Distinctives (2 credits)
A careful examination of the distinctive principles and practices that have distinguished people through the centuries as being Baptist.

PR-403, Canadian Church Scene (1 credit)
A valuable, insightful introduction and evaluation of the various churches, denominations, and organizations in Canada in relation to their theology, practice, and stance in relation to ecumenism or separation.

PR-404, Church History (3 credits)
A survey of doctrine, institutions, and culture of western Christianity from apostolic to present times. Major themes include the early church, the church of the Middle Ages, the Protestant reformation, the assault of liberalism, the emergence of Fundamentalism, and the growth of ecumenism.

PR-410, Creation/Evolution (1 credit)
An examination of details relating to the history of planet earth from a creation, universal flood, and young earth viewpoint. Arguments of evolutionists are examined in reference to the biblical and scientific data.

PR-411, World Religions (3 credits)
This study carefully examines the major religions of the world in contrast to Christianity. General principles are presented for dealing with each from a Biblical perspective.

PR-412, Cults & Isms (2 credits)
An examination of major modern cults from their founding to the present including Scriptural refutation and methods of evangelizing.

PR-501, Christian Finance (1 credit)
This is a practical course intended to provide students with a practical foundation for wise financial decision making. It seeks to establish Biblical principles for the management of finances and realistic Biblical goals for the stewardship of all things we possess.

PR-601, Counselling I (2 credits)
A study of the foundational principles and technique for Bible based counselling.

PR-602, Counselling II (2 credits)
The application of Bible based counselling geared to the practical and specific needs of the ministry, such as crisis counselling, vocational guidance, financial and marriage counselling.

PR-603, Pre-Marriage Counselling (1 credit)
An examination of essential topics, issues, and the technique for counselling those wishing to be married. (For men only)

PR-604, Interpersonal Relationships (1 credit)
A study of biblical principles applied to interpersonal tensions and challenges for the purpose of resolving them in a biblical manner.

PR-700, Christian Service
Although not credited, the student receives valuable opportunity to implement what is learned to present day situations.

PR-800, Internship (2 credits)
This practical training in ministry related involvement is arranged through EBBI with a local church or Baptist mission agency for the sake of experience gained under the supervision of veteran servants of Christ.

PR-990, Senior Orals


TH–101 Survey of Bible Doctrine (3 credits)
An overview of all the major doctrines in the Bible. This course is designed as a basic introduction to the study of each of the Bible’s various doctrines, their relationship to each other, and their practical value in the life of the believer.

TH-102, Theology Proper, Bibliology (2 credits)
A study of the person and works of the one and only eternal triune God including the interworkings of the Trinity, the divine attributes, and God’s relationship to His Creation.

The Bible will be studied as God’s inspired inerrant, infallible, authoritative, accurate revelation of Himself and His dealings with His creation as recorded by specially chosen individuals.

TH-103, Christology (2 Credits)
This course will present God the Son as the eternal Saviour of the world who obediently does the will of the Father in co-operation with the Spirit. Christ will be seen using His divine attributes in creation, revelation, nation building, salvation, education, church building, and eternal kingship.

TH-104, Pneumatology & Angelology (2 Credits)
This study of the eternal Spirit will look at the third member of the Godhead as He works with the Father and the Son in creation, redemption, etc. The study will consider the ministries of the Spirit in the life of the believer, showing that charismatic sign gifts are not a necessary part of salvation today.

Angels will be studied as created beings who chose to serve or rebel against God. Their part in God’s plan for the ages will be seen as it is revealed throughout Scripture.

TH-105, Anthropology & Hamartiology (2 Credits)
Man will be seen as a being created in God’s image, but who fell into sin through disobedience. This study will discuss man’s make-up, need, and provision.

The doctrine of sin will show the awful result of disobedience and the awesome forgiveness of God. The student will learn various acts and omissions which constitute sin.

TH-106, Soteriology (2 Credits)
The doctrines of salvation will be studied with an emphasis on the very descriptive words which characterize God’s great plan to deliver sinners from sin and make them new in Christ.

TH-107, Ecclesiology & Israelology (2 Credits)
The study of the church will include a look at the church’s beginning and the teachings from the New Testament as to the governance of local bodies of believers, events, and instructions which affect the whole body of believers from the inception to the completion of church history.

The study of Israel will include its origins, distinctives, and enduring promises for the future.

TH-108, Eschatology (2 Credits)
This course will examine what the Bible teaches about events yet future. The study of last things will look at the Second Coming of Christ from the pre-millennial, pre-tribulational rapture of the church point of view. The study will include the tribulation, resurrections, judgements of God, and the eternal state of the saved and of the lost including Satan and his hosts.

TH-201, Apologetics (2 Credits)
A study of the reasons Christianity is the very best way of life because it is the Creator’s plan and design for life. This will not be a study in psychology, but a practical look at the irrefutable truths of Christianity.

TH-211, Current Theological Trends (2 Credits)
A study of ideas which shape the way people think about God, Christianity, the church, and the Christian life. A look at the way postmodern society thinks and acts will give insight into influences which are causing some to call for changes in the way the church functions and Christians live. The dangers of some of these changes will be pointed out.

TH-351, Dispensationalism (2 Credits)
A study of the various periods in the history of God’s creation which will show the unique tests God gives in each age, man’s response to those tests, and God’s means of delivering those who believe Him in each age by grace through faith.